09.03.21 Colour ringed Scandinavian Rock Pipit

Another glorious morning on Beachy Head, clear skies with a light but cold west wind. Nothing much of note, a part from Peregrine and Raven activity along with two Chiffchaff in the wood, both sporting pollen encrusted foreheads, a sign these birds have been feeding on flowering plants far south of here. Then on to West Rise, where at least one Siberian Chiffchaff was still present and a ringed Scandinavian Rock Pipit feeding along side a Grey Wagtail on one of the flooded pastures. The birds known life history below.

This bird was ringed as a 2cy+ male at Giske, Norway on 02.04.19 (BLUE) then controlled 74km NE of there at Fræna Norway the following spring on 20.03.20 (YELLOW) and then seen here in Eastbourne (RED) 09.03.21 some 1350km from its original ringing site, which is where I guess he’s heading. Thanks to Kjell Mork Soot for the prompt return of the birds known life history.


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