Overcast with a moderate SE wind.

Another morning of significant Dark-bellied Brent Goose migration with DT, RAB and myself collectively logging a further 1810 birds although once again, almost no other accompanying wildfowl. A single Pale-bellied Brent Goose passed in amongst its commoner cousins at 08.17hrs.

Pale bellied Brent Goose.

Singing Stonechat.

So far no Wheatear but a fine morning on the 15th encouraged many Stonechat and Meadow Pipit into song whilst the first Linnet were seen. A Chiffchaff was also singing on the sunny side of the wood at Belle Tout.

A Chiffchaff having a stretch in-between some bouts of singing, the first I’ve heard this year.

On the 14th a small group of Redwing and a single Fieldfare were notables along with 2/3 Firecrest, also my first wandering Red Kite were seen as 2 appeared low over Cornish Farm.


I watch birds
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