15.11.12 Dusky Warbler at Newhaven.

Very slight N wind becoming still overcast.

After a quiet morning on Beachy Head I decided to visit Newhaven where the Dusky Warbler showed well and was frequently vocal throughout my two hours on site. This particular bird’s identity had been subject to debate since it’s discovering the previous morning. The call to my ear was a typical Dusky Warbler “tet” uttered frequently during periods of activity accompanied by lots of wing and tail flicking. Otherwise it could skulk silently within the brambles for 20 minutes or so at a time. I feel the colour bias of these images is fairly accurate to what I observed in the field. There’s also video at the bottom of the bird calling.

The ID of the bird had swung back and forth between Radde’s and Dusky prior to my arrival so I was open minded, although upon immediately hearing it, I felt comfortable calling it a Dusky Warbler, the images support that too.


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