09.05.21 Singing Melodious Warbler

A light and warm southerly airflow this morning with occasional thunder and a little rain at first.

I started off around the top bushes surrounding the pub and radio mast, with a favourable wind and several immigrant Painted Lady butterflies on the wing I was hopeful there could be a good bird around but was struggling beyond the odd Willow Warbler. I moved on to the Belle Tout area where a check of the wood failed to raise the stakes. Whilst walking amongst the hawthorn on the east side of the wood my attention was drawn to a very fast & quite delicate sylvia type song, which I couldn’t immediately place. I begun to follow it up not sure what genus the songster belonged to! Very quickly I picked up a hippolais warbler which (given it’s repertoire) had to be a Melodious Warbler. I had recently heard Icterine Warbler in Estonia which made contrasting the song fairly easy and immediate.

The bird fed actively often undertaking graceful sallies to the floor to collect insects, also breaking it’s at times sluggish “acro” like demeanour with sudden dash and grab manoeuvres. A very pleasing find in May and a lovely bird to boot.


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