30.04.21 Blue-headed Wagtails

A bright afternoon with a light and meandering S and SE wind.

A brief afternoon seawatch with Chris Ball where the standout birds were a single flock of 49 Black Tern, 2 Little Gull and an Arctic Skua. I could only dig out 3 Willow Warbler in the Belle Tout area before heading to West Rise, where I found the days star birds in the form of not one but two beautiful male Blue-headed Wagtail associating with a tiny flock of 3 flavissima Yellow Wagtail. My first Hobby put in a brief appearance putting the frighteners on the c100 Swallow & Martin gathered over the lake


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2 Responses to 30.04.21 Blue-headed Wagtails

  1. Tony Morrell says:

    We recognise kites, buzzards, peregrines – but saw a bird never seen before at Glynde, Sussex. flying over cricket pitch. Looked like a hobby from books, long pointed wings 9.8.21


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