22.03.21 Evening Brent Geese on the move.

The day started overcast and still with the cloud clearing by late morning and a light SW airflow developing by dusk. No migrant passerines of note beyond 2 Chiffchaff.

The farmer at work at Birling Gap.

I always get excited when this annual event occurs, it promises so much as it attracts 1000’s of gulls although in the many hours spent checking through the flock, I’ve only once found one of interest, an Iceland Gull in 2020. Perhaps due to the later date of this years ploughing it brought in about 400 Black headed Gull and with them at least 10, very handsome Mediterranean Gulls. Accompanying them were 700 Herring Gull, 150 Common Gull and 2 Lesser blacked Gulls.

With the blocking east wind of the last few days easing, the clear skies and the date it was perfectly set up for an evening Brent Goose movement. Although not as large as I have seen on previous occasions it was no less the evocative sight seeing these Arctic travellers begin the journey to their breeding grounds to the back drop of a serene sunset over the Seven Sisters. Using the count provided by Jake at Seaford Head some 740 birds moved off east into the darkening skies. Brilliant.

Brent Geese


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