14.03.21 White-tailed Eagle

Clear, bright with a brisk WNW wind.

It’s been a while coming for me but I was very pleased to finally see one of the Isle of Wight White-tailed Eagles over the mighty Beachy Head this morning. This bird came in relatively low from the north, over the high ground just east of Birling Gap. It then drifted up towards the pub (complete with entourage) and the last sight I had of it was over Warren Hill distantly heading north.

I’m sure it’s fairly common for younger birds to play with novel objects they find this one taking a liking to a tennis ball!

I heard back from Tim Mackrill in regards to the identity of this particular bird an exert from his reply with accompanying map below.

“G461 roosted west of Battle last night (13th March) and flew across Pevensey Levels at 06:30 this morning. It then flew west to Newhaven before doubling-back and passing over Beachy Head. It subsequently headed west again, passing over Lewes and then heading into West Sussex. It really is amazing how much of southern England this bird has seen in the past few weeks.”


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