07.03.21 Local Siberian Chiffchaffs

A light but cold NE wind that lessened throughout the day, bright becoming cloudier later.

A fairly quiet week on the headland with little to report. A Golden Plover actually on the ground by Belle Tout lighthouse in the gloom on the 3rd March and a micro arrival of Chiffchaff (3!) along with a pair of prospecting Shelduck on the 4th. With todays tally (7th March) amassing the heady total of 5 Chaffinch and 1 Chiffchaff I decide to visit West Rise Marsh where Kris Gillam had found two Siberian Chiffchaff a few days prior. A much more enjoyable time was spent at this great little site which also produced two female Bearded Tit, a north bound Marsh Harrier along with several collybita Chiffchaffs.

The above photo taken in softer light than the prior shot although both presented in a similar fashion in regards to colour and tone in the field. Worth noting this bird is in active body moult.

Always tricky to age, although after a flick through Forsman I’m tempted to go with adult female.


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