Another bright and very hot day with a moderate east wind at first which seemed quite localised.

Migrant numbers were low this morning, the current conditions not conducive to producing numbers of Willow Warbler although curiously Pied Flycatchers are still appearing, birds I’d assume to be British but with the lack of supporting commoner migrants I wonder if these birds could be continental. With new birds still turning up on day 3 or 4 of the current easterly airflow. Today saw 2 birds on the headland along with two Common Redstart. The only migrant in numbers were Common Whitethroat with 30+ present around the top bushes and old trapping area. 3 Willow Warbler, single Reed and Sedge Warblers along with a single passing Tree Pipit made up the supporting cast. During a brief lunchtime visit, a juvenile Marsh Harrier headed out to sea at 14:05 over Shooters.

Earlier in the week JFC found a Melodious Warbler which put in a brief appearance in the pub garden on the 10th. I can’t help but feel short changed we didn’t get an Icterine Warbler in light of the current influx, although not wishing to devalue the find, still and excellent scarcity. I think almost a decade has passed since Beachy Heads last Icterine. Also on that date saw 11 Crossbill pass over east and a Hen Harrier (RB) briefly graced the belle tout area. Otherwise most morning visits this week have been fairly run of the mill.


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