26.7.20 A trickle of Willow Warbler

A bright morning backed by a strong SW wind, the previous day being dull, occasionally wet and windy.

A mid-morning visit where initial signs from the old trapping area mislead me to believe there had been a significant fall of birds with at least 12 Willow Warbler actively feeding and even singing. A loop from there to the radio mast return proved it was in fact relatively quiet, seeing only a single Willow Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat. There were only about 15 Willow Warbler across all sites. Belle Tout area held 2 Lesser Whitethroat, the lingering Common Redstart (present since the 21st, there was also a juv Wheatear on the 22nd) and at least 4 Robin (there seems to have been a small incursion of Robin over the last week). Other notables were a single Nightingale croaking in Shooters and a Grasshopper Warbler (RB) near the water trough there.

Two juv. Pied Wagtail were on the path at Belle Tout one of which was leucistic.

Making the most of a wet day yesterday, I spent some time looking at the gulls at Princes Park where I found a nice Yellow-legged Gull amongst the Herring Gulls. The first to be seen there this summer. They have been a little thin on the ground here compared to other years.


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