4.5.20 to 10.5.20 Lockdown week 7

A week of increasingly warm and settled weather ending with some excellent conditions for continental overshoots.


Looking east from above Belle Tout Wood.

As the breeding birds on the headland get stuck into the season, a single Spotted Flycatcher and 2 Wheatear were the only migrant passerine noted. Improvement came on the 8th when KG messaged to say AW had just had a Black Kite passing Shooters Bottom. Remarkably this bird then spent 4 hours on the headland. There was also a large number of Red Kite (c30) over the 8th and 9th. All east bound and all 2cy birds. KG had a Bee-eater at 05.22 on the 9th at Birling Gap which was presumably the same bird that appeared at Hodcombe later in the morning. Kris also had 23 Pomarine Skua throughout the week.


Black Kite behind the pub.




Best views I’ve had of these in the UK


Black Kite


Red Kite


Red Kite


The Kite’s seemed more inclined to linger than usual, with both Red and the Black Kite resting on the ground.


Grizzled Skipper.


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