21.4.20 to 26.4.20 Lockdown week 5

From a birding perspective a frustrating week plagued by a ridiculous leg injury (improving!) and glorious weather conspired to make yet another unrewarding weeks birding. Weather throughout the period virtually cloudless with wind mostly from the ENE often strong with quiet spell towards the end of the week.


Sunset on the 23rd.

Bird wise I detected no perceivable falls or arrivals and considered most birds seen to be those intent on breeding. Some interest over the garden where a surprise Avocet on the 21st attracted the attention of the local Herring Gulls, two flocks of Common Scoter over two nights and regular Whimbrel flocks passing were recorded on the Noc Mig set up.

A couple of evening sea-watches produced small numbers of distant Whimbrel, Bar tailed Godwit, “Commic” Tern, Sandwich Tern, 1 Black throat Diver & 4 Arctic Skua, Kris Gillam had 8 distant Pomarine Skua early on the 26th which were the first to be seen from here this year.


Avocet over garden airspace.


Herring Gulls didn’t like the Avocet.


Whimbrel passing Shooters on the 26th


Whitethroat at Birling Gap.



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