13.4.20 to 19.3.20 Lockdown week 4

Lack of decent coverage was exaggerated this week when I rendered my right leg inoperable!. I have been unable to cover the distances I had been the previous weeks.


Sunset from Shooters on the 16th.

Weather remained resolutely fine & cloudless throughout the period with mostly strong ENE winds with lighter winds from the south on 15th. Although favourable fall conditions occurred in the early hours of the 18th, when a combination of light NE winds interacted with a front from the south bringing thunder and rain. No real numbers but it brought variety to what has been an abysmal spring thus far. Truly the worst in terms of birding since I started regular watching here in 2014.


Blackcap in Shooters.

Arrival dates below of some incoming migrants (most of which much later then pervious springs) These include a couple of things seen by other obs.

  • Nightingale                          18th  April
  • Lesser Whitethroat            18th  April
  • Sedge Warbler                    18th  April
  • Grasshopper Warbler       18th  April
  • Common Redstart              17th  April
  • Whinchat                             18th April
  • House Martin                      16th April



Willow Warbler in Belle Tout Wood. I’ve not broken a day total of 10 yet this spring. At this rate it might be late July until I do!




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