28.3.20 to 5.4.20 Lockdown week 2

The week was dominated by a cold, strong northerly airflow mostly from the NE before swinging around to the SE and S by the weekend, lifting temperatures significantly. Although this hasn’t yet changed the birding scene on land. Perhaps poor weather endured in regions of the mediterranean have put a temporary hold on continental arrivals.


Foggy morning on the 4th April, Birling Gap.



Most mornings were very light on activity, still small numbers of (what could have been lingering) Firecrest and a small daily turnover of c8 Chiffchaff seemed evident. Although, for these to be the highlights of a long walk to Birling Gap and back to Eastbourne seem meagre given it is early April. Reflective of this springs sluggish progress a lone Wheatear (my first since the 16th March) appeared briefly on the 2nd April. Other then the uplifting sight of a lone Swallow making landfall on the 5th April there were no further signs of migration. I’ve still yet to see or hear my first Willow Warbler of spring!


Wheatear at Birling.


Common Buzzards over the back garden.

Like so many others I’ve been spending (too much) time in the garden staring skywards, mostly hoping for migrating raptors. Seeing little of note other than local Common Buzzards, along with a lone Red Kite.


Common Buzzard.


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