16.3.20 Common Cranes!

Clear and bright, a cold start with a light NW.


One of two Wheatear in Michel Dean this morning.

A gorgeous day with plenty of spring like action to lift the spirits. There had been an appreciable arrival of passerines with a notable increase in Chiffchaff, small numbers of Firecrest and Goldcrest but most pleasing, at least 3 Wheatear. Some real excitement came as two Common Crane appeared over Eastbourne (viewed from Beachy Head) having previously been seen at Pett Level, Bexhill and West Rise. Big thanks to Kris Gillam and Keith Hackett for updates on the birds progress west. Common Buzzard were notable with c18 seen including a group of 7 over Shooters Bottom, all presumed local birds.


Common Crane


They spent quite sometime circling high over Eastbourne.


Before drifting over the northern edge of the hollow. At all times the pair flew in a synchronised manner, the slight size difference probably donates there were a pair.


The birds then lost height and headed west, following the line of the A259 towards Seaford at 10.30am.


A pale Common Buzzard over Shooters Bottom.


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