2.3.20 Early spring and it feels good

A bright day with the WNW wind dropping significantly overnight. The was a sense of spring in the air.

5T6A1316 2

Raven at Birling Gap.

3 very high Common Buzzard soaring above the headland in the sunshine, at such a height their mewing call was only just audible, 4/5 Raven were actively engaged in similar territorial disputes. In the sheltered spots, the sun felt quite warm the likes of which I’ve not felt for months. It’s so nice to be out birding with purpose again. Only a single Chiffchaff in the wood at Belle Tout although 4 were present yesterday some of which had pollen horns marking them out as true migrants from further south. They are the earliest genuine migrants I’ve seen here since I started watching the headland in 2014. With such fine weather to the south of the UK I’m not surprised. I believe a calm weather window on the evening of the 29th February allowed a few motivated birds to make the leap across the channel.

5T6A1334 2

Female Stonechat at Birling Gap, these must be days away from a significant increase in numbers.



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