24.10.19 Goldcrest arrival

Light east wind, low cloud and murky, still and humid overnight. I visited Birling Gap, Belle Tout, Old trapping area and Radio mast.


Firecrest in the Radio Mast bushes.

The one and only notable feature of the morning was a fall of Goldcrest with c70 seen, Belle Tout Wood was ringing to the sound of their calls. Along with them were 2/3 Firecrest. 2 Black Redstart near the pub and about c20 Song Thrush & c20 Redwing were notable. Very little passing over head although a few small groups of Goldfinch seen and a single Brambling.

Yesterday 23rd was dominated by a big flight of Goldfinch first thing with c1500 passing east whilst birding around the top bushes.

Personal counts from the 23rd below.


  • 1500+ Goldfinch (mostly observed from just above  OTA)
  • 10 Greenfinch
  • 150 Linnet
  • 10 Siskin
  • 3 Reed Bunting
  • 150 Meadow Pipit
  • 30 Alba Wag
  • 1 Grey Wag
  • 30 Skylark
  • 8 Swallow
  • 1 Black Redstart moving with Goldfinch dropped into bush tops briefly and moved on

On the ground:

  • 5 Black Redstart (1 on radio mast, 2 Birling Lane, 2 Michel Dean)
  • c30 Chiffchaff
  • 4 Firecrest
  • c40 Goldcrest
  • 1 Ring Ouzel OTA


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