18.8.19 Movement amid a few calm nocturnal hours.

Rain during the night from 3am to dawn, still at first with a band of rain at 11am, gale force SW by 1pm.

The few calm hours over night gave respite in-between the strong south westerlies allowing for a movement of birds. We visited Warren Hill, Radio Mast, Pub, old trapping area, Shooters, Birling & Belle Tout.


One of many Willow Warbler on Warren Hill.

I’ve visited Warren Hill (a spot just 200m north of the recording boundary) a few times of late. In geographical terms it’s the same east facing slope of the the Downs that runs south to Beachy Head itself. The final ridge before the land flattens out into East Sussex and Kent. This morning JP and I found it hopping with birds & in stark contrast to the headland which is a mere 1.5km away to the south. Whether this was due to the slight westerly drift to the wind or perhaps something more influenced by the geography I don’t know.


Redstart near the dew pond, Warren Hill.

90% of the bird tally was from WH with the Headland very quiet in comparison.

Combined totals for Beachy Head sites and Warren hill: c65 Willow Warbler, c60 Common Whitethroat, c10 Lesser Whitethroat, 5 Reed Warbler, 1 Sedge Warbler, 4 Garden Warbler, 4 Wheatear, 1 Whinchat, 5 Common Redstart, 5 Spotted Flycatcher, c20 Tree Pipit. A westerly passage of 25 Swallow, 3 Sand Martin and a single Swift.


Reed Warbler old trapping area.


Wheatear at the radio mast.


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