More Firecrest & a little less wind 18.3.19

Finally the strong SW wind is abating, this morning starting clear with increasing cloud cover, a light WNW wind.


One of 3 Firecrest in the pines at Birling lane.

A quiet morning, although a pleasure to be out in calmer conditions. Highlights were 3 Firecrest at the end of Birling lane (Bob also had a Chiffchaff along there) and a White Wagtail near Belle Tout lighthouse. There was a perceptible increase in Meadow Pipit with about 20 seen, including 3 song flighting between Birling and the lighthouse. 3 Pied Wagtail, 6 Blackbird, 1 Song Thrush singing at Birling. Boarder disputes between 3 male Stonechat, close to the carpark at the gap, were a sure sign newly arrived birds are staking out territories, another 2 were also seen.


White Wagtail, my first at Beachy Head this year.


Pied Wagtail Birling carpark.


A Jackdaw getting busy in the cottage chimney pots at Birling.


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