12.1.19 Hume’s leaf Warbler & Glaucous Gull


Hume’s Leaf Warbler, taken on the 10th January.

News of a Hume’s Leaf Warbler at nearby Riverside Country Park, Newhaven was a surprise although a typical midwinter date for a species which is always notoriously late to the party. The bird showed well but is incredibly mobile. It’s frequently vocal, sounding very Pied Wagtail like with an occasional, softer House Sparrow like “chirp”. Appearance wise it is a classic, easily summed up as an understated Yellow browed Warbler with an overall Earl Grey tea appearance but at times looking more greenish when set against darker cover. Present since the 27th December 2018, the finder didn’t want the news to be peddled publicly but inevitably the news has leaked out to a wider audience.

Prior to arriving at the warbler site JP and I checked out Newhaven Harbour at low tide. His prophetic words from the night before coming true, immediately picking up a lovely latte coloured, juvenile Glaucous Gull though the windscreen as I navigated the carpark!


Glaucous Gull amongst black backs in Newhaven harbour.





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