2nd November 2018 Isabelline Shrike

An amazing mid afternoon find by Chris Ball at Birling Gap. Beachy Heads first BBRC bird of 2018 to be enjoyed by a crowd and a lovely one to boot. In perfect light on a perfect day, a shame I didn’t have a lot of time with it! It was a perfectly timed find allowing me to squeeze it in during a lunch break.


Isabelline Shrike at Birling Gap.


The current BBRC trend is to accept these birds as “either or” Daurian/Turkestan Shrike“, even the DNA data would appear to be confused. With that it mind it would be churlish to go any further than saying this bird seems to fit the appearance of Daurian Shrike.

* This bird has now been accepted by the BBRC as Daurian/Turkestan Shrike (group)






A Dartford Warbler was also in the vicinity of the Shrike and a Swallow flew west. Nothing worth mentioning about the earlier visit this morning, although I noted several small groups of finches utilising the headwind (very light NW) coming in off the sea. With a huge high pressure over continental Europe, reaching off into Asia at the moment, I bet this bird arrived last night using the wind in a similar fashion.


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