25th October 2018 North West wind…

Continuation of a north westerly airflow that hasn’t done much for the birds despite this being prime time for a number of good scarcities.


Dartford Warbler above Birling Gap.

Very poor again for visible migration upon the head and still very few birds of interest on the ground. The most notable species is Skylarks which can be seen and heard virtually everywhere at the moment with large numbers (50+) in the set aside field with a few small gangs Corn Bunting around, about 10 Stonechat encountered. A single Dartford Warbler was my first of the season, usually appearing at this time of year and often lingering into winter, nice to see them back. Belle Tout wood held a mixed Great & Blue Tit flock (c12) a single Chiffchaff, single Goldcrest and most notable a Treecreeper which obligingly called early on emphatically confirm it as Eurasian Treecreeper. Itself only the second I have seen on the head since I started watching here in 2014.

The Yellow browed Warbler was still in the wood at Long Down yesterday, 24th October.

I went onto Pevensey Levels following reports of returning Short eared Owls the previous night. I saw 1 Short eared Owl, 1 Barn Owl and 2 Marsh Harrier from the Lookers Cottage area.




I think they are one of my most favourite birds.



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