22nd October 2018 Back to Beachy Head

Bright cloudless day with a moderate NNE wind. I visited Belle Tout, Long Down Wood, Michel Dean & Shooters Bottom.


Yellow browed Warbler.

A late start for me as I only returned from The Scillies at 10am this morning and took advantage of some more work free time. It seemed as if there was disproportionate interest given the lack of common migrants today. Only barely breaking into double figures of Chiffchaff and Goldcrest. Despite it seeming relatively quiet, I managed to dig out a Yellow browed Warbler and a lateĀ Pied Flycatcher in Long Down Wood, the dauntingly large woodland east of Cornish Farm. I also flushed a Short eared Owl from the eastern end of Shooters Bottom whilst walking the rides. It’s amazing how close you have to get to these birds before they explode out of the undergrowth, a bit like Snipe and a bit of a heart stopper.


The Yellow browed, almost a bit too close. Responded very well to pishing.


Pied Flycatcher, which I believe is the latest I have personally seen on Beachy.


The arse end of a Short eared Owl at Shooters. Sorry to have woken you…




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