22nd September 2018

Overcast, a light WNW wind. Light rain showers followed by persistent rain by 1pm.


After appalling birding conditions for the last 5 days (very strong SW gales), this morning dawned comparatively calm. The most notable thing was a constant precession of Meadow Pipit (c800) moving west into the wind, their call was constantly audible over head. This continued passage was also evident over Eastbourne town later in the morning. Amongst them were small numbers of Yellow (c20), Alba (c8) and Grey Wagtail (2). Absolutely rubbish in terms of warblers on the ground with small numbers of Chiffchaff (c12) and Whitethroat (5), Blackcap (c25) although returning after midday found the wood lively with Chiffchaff (c30). 2 Whinchat and Stonechat numbers seemed up slightly with c10 seen. In contrast Bob had enormous numbers of Chiffchaff (500) and Blackcap (400) in the Hollow on the east facing slopes of the headland. It’s profound how the bird situation can be so contrasting at different profiles of the site.

I also walked Eastbourne seafront and pier in the hope of finding a Phalarope but failed miserably! Apart from 200+ Herring Gull feeding on mussels which had been washed ashore, 2 juvenile Common Tern fishing close inshore were the only birds of interest.


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