3rd September 2018 A bit quiet.

Moderate ENE breeze. Not too surprised to find the headland lacking this morning. In fact, since it has turned easterly, the birding has been rubbish. I’ve seen clear, easterly conditions produce very little in previous Septembers and this seems to be the case now. I only walked from the radio mast to Shooters (but not actually entering Shooters itself) and back, then returned for a raptor watch from 10am to 1pm.


One of the 2 juvenile Peregrines (male and female judging by size) currently frequenting the top of the headland at the moment.

A very poor morning for passerines with singles each of Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff & Redstart along with 2 Wheatear. I encountered about 10 Common Whitethroat. Overhead 3 Yellow Wagtail and 3 Grey Wagtail went over. Hirundines were moving from early on with c2500 passing east by 1pm, there were also 10 Swift in amongst them. 10 Common Buzzard whilst sky watching… very poor.

The most exciting thing about this morning was watching a trio of Peregrine (two adult and a juvenile) take out a racing pigeon. Oddly one of the adults then dropped the left overs, almost at my feet, 30 minutes later!.


Above the kill, below the left overs. The bird had a Dover area code phone number, no doubt heading back that way from a release in France.



Wheatear above Shooters.


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