4th August 2018 More Pied Flycatchers

Conditions were again clear with very warm sunshine and a moderate to light Northerly breeze.


Pied Flycatcher near the radio mast.

Yet more early Pied Flycatchers. I personally had 4 but including other peoples obs. there were at least 6 on the headland. Presumably the extreme heat both here and in Scandinavia has induced a mass, early movement of this species.


And this one in perched on a chair in the pub garden.

Other bits of interest included; 2 Common Redstart, c30 Willow Warbler,  similar number of Common Whitethroat, single Reed Warbler, c45 Swallow (some local breeders) c25 Sand Martin and a minimum of 150 Swift, which doesn’t represent the true number as many birds were only noticed when scanning high up. Raptors featured in the shape of 3 Red Kite which were joined by a juvenile Marsh Harrier as all 4 soared over Belle Tout Wood. Stonechat seem to be almost absent? JFC had a Cuckoo and Black Redstart.


A shabby Common Redstart at the pub.


Red Kite & Marsh Harrier. My first Marsh Harrier since autumn 2016.



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