June 2018 – A brief round up

The glorious summer weather continues, predominantly easterly dominated high pressure with weak east winds, strengthening towards the months end. Temperatures frequently in the high 20c’s to 30c.


Meadow Pipit panting in the heat.

I had begun to pay a bit more attention to the headland towards the solstice as often 1 or 2 departing Cuckoo linger in Shooters Bottom but I was unable to find any, the first year in 4 that I haven’t seen one. The only signs of movement were a Lapwing over on the 25th and two small groups of Sand Martin on the 29th and 30th, the latter of which were out over the sea at Birling. They were my first signs of seasonal bird movement, i.e. birds leaving the UK. There’s small family parties of Stonechat & Linnet beginning to appear towards the months end. No sign so far of any Little Owls at the old sheep centre at East Dean where they had at least one owlet this time last year.

I’m going to be absent from Sussex for most of July and early August so will regrettably miss the first few migrant warblers etc that occur over that period but will be back for the more interesting, latter part of August.



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