6th April 2018 Black Guillemot


I went down to Sovereign harbour this morning to see how black the Black Guillemot was getting. Answer quite black but not the full ticket!. I wonder if this bird’s a first summer as I’d imagine most adult birds are, by now, completely black. Remarkably this bird is now into it’s 6 calendar month of it’s residency. I’d given up after over an hours searching only to encounter the bird in the southern arm of the complex while walking back towards the car!

An Osprey passed very high NNW over the garden late morning. That constitutes my most notable migrant of the week with only Chiffchaffs, Black Redstarts & Firecrests encountered on Beachy Head.




And a Cormorant looking rather splendid & emerald eyed in the morning sun.


The farmer has finally decided to plough the field at Birling some 2/3 weeks later than previous years, can’t help but think it’s just a bit to late to catch any Caspian Gull passage. At 5pm this evening he was out again with the tractor & despite attracting c1000 Herring Gulls, I could only find 2 Lesser Black backed Gull amongst them, nothing else! There were however c5 White Wagtail in the field including this smart male.





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