8th January 2018 Dungeness Gulls

A few images from the weekend just past. A day trip to Dungeness on the Saturday where we managed to notch 11 species of gull, including both Glaucous & Iceland Gull along with the very showy Caspian Gull at the fishing boats.


1st winter Caspian Gull at Dungeness, certainly a little closer then how I usually see them in the Cuckmere valley.


It was a very dominate bird, often taking on other gulls for the bread scraps.




Below a lone Knot on Dungeness beach.


Sunday was spent locally. Newhaven Harbour at low tide held nothing of interest but Hastings had a moderate number of gulls. The small fishing fleet that operates out of there provides enough scraps to retain a good number of gulls. Nothing of major interest except Great Blacked-backed Gulls from a Norwegian and Guernsey ringing project.


Above the Norwegian bird and below the one from Guernsey.


This 3rd winter Great Black-backed Gull (5AC8) was ringed as a chick on the tiny island of Jethou, Guernsey on 26.06.15 latter being seen in Boulogne, France during it’s first autumn but by January 2016 it has been seen intermittently seen at Hastings. I assume these long lived birds spend their immature years loafing around before returning to their natal colonies and forming more consistent migration patterns there after. I have seen another individual from this project at Eastbourne a few years back. Thanks to Paul Veron for the prompt return of the data. Always fascinating to read.


Turnstone at Hastings.

The rest of the day was spent at sites closer to home where highlights included a male Hen Harrier, Hawfinch and unexpectedly flushing two Long eared Owl from a day roost. The latter are the first ones I’ve seen locally since moving here in late 2013.



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