4th September 2017 Wryneck

Anyone hoping for Wryneck photo’s, sorry not a chance with this evenings encounter!


A moody day all round.

A frustrating day. The weather was mostly damp with very low cloud until late afternoon. A failure to catch up with the Baird’s Sandpiper in the Cuckmere was a complete waste of time. The bird went AWOL during my time there this morning, I did see a Spotted Redshank, Avocet, c18 Dunlin, c5 Ringed Plover and c20 Oystercatcher. I also received a soaking whilst out there.


Ringed Plover in the Cuckmere.

Later in the day I toyed with the idea of returning to the Cuckmere but having seem many 100’s in the US a good few in the UK (including East Sussex) I thought I’d have a look at Beachy Head in better weather. Very low number of birds seen, just a few Whitethroat and Stonechat but finally, at about 6pm, Beachy’s first Wryneck of the autumn. The bird torpedoed around the western end of Shooters Bottom, never sitting still for even a good look through bins let alone a photo. A Redstart was calling persistently at dusk.

I’m now absent until Sunday 10th, I’m off cycling in Ibiza.


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