21st August 2017 Humid!

Trying hard not to think about the accommodation I have at Yellowstone Nation Park Wyoming, booked for the eclipse and sitting empty due to a family wedding announced a few months back… Ouch.

Over to slightly more mundane matters. A very humid, calm morning with, unfortunately very little going on during my time on site. The 12hrs before had been very wet, so I didn’t anticipate any new arrivals over night.


Reed Warbler along the hedge at Crow Link.

Between Crow Link, Birling, Belle Tout and Shooters Bottom, I managed to dig out the following. 1 Whinchat, 5 Yellow Wagtail in the cattle field at Birling, only four Willow Warbler seen, 1 each of Sedge and Reed Warblers, c25 Common Whitethroat.  There were about 30 Swallow seen most of which I suspect are local breeders and their young. A single Swift passed over high to the west. The was no discernible over head passage today.


A nice selection of trans-saharan migrants. Swallow and Yellow Wagtail at Crow Link.


Yellow Wagtail.


One of the very few Willow Warbler seen today, reflects the progression of autumn.


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