10th August 2017 More bloody Larids

I’m assuming there maybe some interest in seeing a few more gull shots from Eastbournes’ Princes Park? Well, you can always go and watch Love Island re-runs if you’d rather. Todays new bird was not the commonly perceived caricature of a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull but an obvious one none-the-less. It’s good to be reminded there’s often variation within large gulls.


New boy.

I think, owing to it’s size this was a male and more impressive in flight than on the water.  Unlike the really nice, contrasty bird thats been present since the 28th July, this one differs in several ways. Overall all it’s a tad warmer in tone and less white about the neck and head. It shows variation in the tertial pattern, having more extensive white at the tip but the basal portion is still constantly unmarked. Greater coverts are well notched throughout which is not always the case in YLG’s, they are often more solidly centred. One glaring YLG feature is the degree of moult in the mantle and scapulars. Lot’s for a juvenile in early August. But that feature will soon become redundant as some Herring Gulls being to moult in a few weeks.



Inflight it’s as obvious a Yellow-leg as you could wish for.








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