9th August 2017 The last few days…

A continuation of (the now very tiresome) atlantic influenced weather with the windier periods broken by short spells of relatively still conditions & occasional heavy rain showers.


Lesser Whitethroat being ringed at the Hollow ringing station. Manned by a small number of committed early risers, thanks to Bob and co.

Willow Warbler continue to pass in moderate numbers with no major falls. Both Blackcap and Garden Warblers can be found easily, the former will become very apparent later in the season. Nightingale can now be encountered with ease, showing up a few days later then usual with max counts of 4/5 about the headland. Common Whitethroat numbers are being bolstered by passage birds now with, for example, at least c50 in the Hollow on the 9th. A single Redstart (RE) today could signal the beginning of a more regular presence from them as we continue into August and surely the first Pied Flycatcher is imminent.



A typical view of a Nightingale on Beachy Head. Mostly obscured if seen at all. There’s something quite odd about the wooden croaking they are so inclined to make this time of  year. I quite like it.

Below is an image reproduced from the BTO website showing the route of a Nightingale fitted with a GPS tag in 2009. It’s safe to assume our Beachy birds will be taking a similar route to a similar destination.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 19.37.33


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