1st August 2017 First fall of the autumn.

It’s August. I think I can start saying “autumn” and not feel like I’m ushering summer out of the door!

Clear skies and light winds overnight created a window for a small fall of birds, I say small as I only spent my 3 hours this morning around the top bushes and old trapping area. The totals across the headland will have been much higher. A couple of heard only waders passing over included Dunlin & Ringed Plover. Only 11 Sand Martin south by 09.30.


At points the bushes were hopping with Willow Warbler with 54 seen. The bushes between the pub and old trapping area are often great on mornings like this with constant movement of birds passing through them.


Willow Warbler.


Willow Warbler.


9 Sedge Warbler seen amongst good numbers of other Acro. warbler this morning.


13 Reed Warbler in total this one in the old trapping area.


My first Grasshopper Warbler of the autumn and the first one I’ve seen this year, following on from 2 spring passage singers in late April that remained concealed in cover. I love their big pink feet. This one called alot too, something I’ve not heard often. A hard “pit” kind of call. Quite unusual under tail coverts, they seem especially blotchy on this bird?



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