3rd July 2017

A lost weekend spent with Jamie Partridge looking for Yellow legged Gulls at various sites between Beachy Head and Hastings. Little of interest found apart from some ring numbers (all but one were North Thames Gull Group rings) taken at Hastings. There are currently zero juvenile gulls on the wing locally, so any juvenile Yellow leg’s would have stood out a mile.


An impressively sized Great black-backed Gull at Hastings. I found this bird tricky to age but would think it’s a 3rd summer bird with retarded bare part colouration.


An easier Great black back to age this one, clearly a 1st summer bird with lots of worn feathers, some of which to the quill and a very limited moult of dark centred 2nd generation feathers. Incidentally that was commonest age class on the beach perhaps reflecting the younger birds lack of motivation to return to their natal breeding areas. Ring number G4ST, part of the ongoing work by the North Thames Gull Group. It will have been ringed this winter at Rainham or Pitsea landfill sites.

Little else was seen throughout the weekend bar 3 Common Sandpiper at Holywell. 9 Swift went west whilst in Shooters on the morning of the 3rd and at seems a pair of Lesser Whitethroat have successfully bred there this year.


Dark Green Fritillary at Beachy Head on the 1st. Not as pretty as a juvenile Yellow-leg but nice enough.




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