Marsh Harrier tag no.3X

This Juvenile Marsh Harrier appeared near the pub, coming in from the west and proceeded to gain height. Lost to view as it headed out to sea. It was wing tagged and through various filters in photoshop I managed to get a legible image of the numbers on the lime green tag which were 3X. Phil Littler kindly contacted me with a life history and it is always pleasing to see a story behind a migrant bird. She was a Norfolk born lass who had an eye on being somewhere warmer for the winter.


Marsh Harrier 3X over Beachy Head pub.


Tags just visible on the upper wing.

Sexed as a female the bird was ringed & tagged in the nest at Fakenham, Norfolk on 25th June 2016 and was one of three, her two siblings being male. She was at Cley NNT reserve on 10th August and today appeared to be leaving the country for sunnier, winter climbs. Further info on the Harrier project can be found here.


Above “3X” getting her tags put on. Photo by Andy Thompson.


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