5th August 2016 Cetti’s Warbler

Bright clear night and morning, lighter SW wind than previous 48hrs.

_MG_5761 (1)

Willow Warbler.

The proceeding night had brought clear skies and a lull in the SW gale that had dominated the previous 48hrs. This allowed some nocturnal movement of birds with a fair bit of activity first thing. I covered the Hollow & Cow Gap.

30+ Willow Warbler, 8 Whitethroat (numbers seem well down), 3/4 Reed Warbler, 7 Swift and c15 Sand Martin headed west, a Nightingale was whistling/croaking from the net runs and a single Yellow Wagtail went over. In terms of scarcity the Cetti’s Warbler (which sang and showed briefly) was probably the most notable. It’s about the 20th Beachy Head record and the first for some years. Thanks to Bob for helping me out on that one.

At 15.50pm, whilst at home, the Herring Gulls went crazy outside & with bins in hand, I stepped out into the garden to see a very smart and very barred, male Honey Buzzard heading north in fast active flight. Too fast for the camera but a nice addition to the garden list! Thanks again to the gulls. Last Autumn I did see HB’s hit the coast at the headland and head north, back inland as if deciding conditions weren’t favourable for a sea crossing. I wonder if this bird had done the same.


Another of todays Willow Warbler.


Robert Edgar’s photo of the Cetti’s Warbler. Taken whilst being processed on the 30th July. It had previously been ringed in the Cuckmere Valley.


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