15th July 2016

Apart from trying to seek out more Yellow-legged Gulls I’ve made little effort in terms of looking for passerines. Only encountering a very small number of migrant Sand Martin and a single Nightingale in Shooters Bottom on the 13th. Nightingale breed further in towards the interior of the county and these Beachy Head birds are part of a post breeding movement. Some appear to linger and often seem to be in active moult, I guess a prelude to migrating. They are a feature (in small numbers, 2 or 3 being the highest personal day counts) of July and August. John Cooper also had the first Wheatear of the season, a juvenile at Birling on the 14th.


Mediterranean Gull at Holywell beach seen earlier in the week whilst searching for Yellow leg’s. July sees a few of these frequenting the beaches of Eastbourne.

Below is an adult Black headed Gull present at Princes Park. It was ringed as a chick on Hirsholm, a small island just off the north coast of Denmark, on 15th June 2014. Interesting to speculate where it is spending the summers, perhaps within it’s natal colony. I was hoping the data received back would prove it to be a long lived bird of many years but it couldn’t be any younger!


Black headed Gull. VA1 746.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.25.16


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