10th July 2016 Another Yellow leg!

The first report from Dungeness on the 8th heralded the start of this years arrival of juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls. Eastbourne & Beachy Head are well positioned to receive these birds which seem to mostly originate from breeding colonies around the Mediterranean coast of France. It’s the best time to see Yellow legged Gulls in the local area as I’ve not had much success at other times of the year. An interesting movement of almost exclusively juvenile birds in late summer has become something I greatly anticipate… well that and the Tour de France. A Nightingale was “croaking” in the Hollow earlier this morning where Bob Edgar has had 1 or 2 over the last few days.

Princes Park came good again with another bird, less heavy set than yesterdays. Coming to  bread and equally as photogenic.


A much neater bird, notably the complete tail but similarly striking in flight. Blackish tail band matching the tone & darkness of the outer primaries & secondaries. Pale window in the inner primaries subtle. Tail band tapering neatly towards the outer feathers, highly contrasting with white upper tail and lower rump.


Tertails neatly dark centred with pale “thumb nail” edges confined tips and disappearing towards the basal portion. Only faint suggestion of markings near the tips. Consistent dark centres to the wing coverts. Bump on the forehead and dark mask give the bird a distinctive personality.


Both the birds often drifted away from the main flock of Herring Gulls, although yesterdays larger (male?) gull was far more aggressive.


A text book juvenile.





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