18th June 2016 More Serin!


Male Serin in Shooters this morning.

An overcast morning with a light NW breeze. A Serin put in a few brief appearances first thing but mostly remained elusive (there are now thought to be 4!). First around the area of the cattle trough and again along the side of the road. At 6am the light was challenging for photography and the bird was frustratingly flighty. It was a pleasant surprise to hear a Quail singing from the meadow north of Shooters. This is the second one I have heard here following on from one in June 2014. John Cooper drew my attention to a male Redstart that appeared briefly before us, a real shocker this time of year. Too late to be a new arrival and most likely a failed breeder wandering from an inland site, possibly contemplating a flit back south I guess.

I hope to get some better shots if the Serin hang around. It’s interesting to speculate the circumstances surrounding their occurrence with RC at Hodcombe having seen 4 individuals. Are they channel hoppers arriving during a brief spell of SE winds on Thursday, or have they bred locally?. The confirmation that two adult males are involved suggests they may be recently arrived immigrants.


I paid another visit between 17:30 & 19:30 but no sight or sound of any Serin although a Cuckoo was still in Shooters whilst 150+ Swift gathered over the headland.


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