12th April 2016 Short-eared Owl

Calm, light SSE breeze with patches of low cloud & mist passing over the headland at times.

Hopes of a decent spring fall didn’t materialise. 15+ Phyllosc Warblers, mostly Chiffchaff and a couple of Willow Warbler, the majority of which were up on the apex of the cliff near the pub. 1/2 Firecrest along with a similar number of Goldcrest. A single Blackcap and my first Whitethroat of the spring was in song in Shooters Bottom.

A migrant Short eared Owl passed along the cliff tops, harried by Gulls and Crows as it did so, quickly ascending into the low cloud, hence the misty shots below! Thats the first I have seen here since late autumn last year.

Yesterday (11th April) was also quiet with a single Common Redstart in Shooters Bottom. Later in the day a female Black Redstart and a couple a Willow Warblers were seen from my flat windows here in Meads, Eastbourne.


Poor shots of an eastbound Short-eared Owl in the mist.


With it’s welcome party of Crows.


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