3rd April 2016 Springing slowly

Another fine day with a light east wind.


Willow Warbler.

A few new spring birds for me today. A Single Willow Warbler in Shooter’s Bottom and a Wheatear on the cleared area between Birling and Belle Tout. The latter being over due by a good week or so! Firecrest numbers continue to be high as they have been throughout the week. Todays total being 15+ with 5 Goldcrest also making an appearance. Only 3/4 Chiffchaff seen today and nothing heard or seen moving overhead other than a few Meadow Pipit. A single Swallow could be seen prospecting the interior of the barns at Hodcomb Farm. Seawatching is also getting under way but I’ve never been much of a seawatcher!



After seeing my first returning individuals in late February, Linnet numbers are up with signs of some passage today. Other notables throughout the week were a Brambling & Red Kite on the 30th March, Blackcap & White Wagtail on the 1st April and my first Beachy Head Swallow on the 2nd April.


Weasel above Belle Tout wood.

This weasel kept making a strange clicking noise and returning to what sounded a wounded rodent in the grass. It seemed so engrossed in it’s activities that it paid no attention to me being so close.



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