11th March 2016 – White Wagtail

A spring like day with a chill in the light easterly breeze. Hopes of a Wheatear didn’t materialise but there were some signs of early spring migration. A detectable (only just!) over head movement of Meadow Pipit & Alba Wagtails, with one White Wagtail in gardens along Birling Lane, constituted the most conspicuous arrivals. There were also 50 odd Chaffinch dotted about, which I assume are birds on the move.


Terrible shot of the White Wagtail. But it proves there were some migrants today!

Common Buzzard, after being inconspicuous to the point of non-existence during the winter months, were soaring and displaying in the spring sunshine with one pair sparring with a large female Peregrine. Buzzards seem to be top of the Peregrines “hate” list along with the local Ravens.


Common Buzzard.

Stonechat numbers are increasing with 4/5 paris being seen today in the Birling area. Also a few Rock Pipit were dotted about the headland in places I don’t usually see them although they all appeared to be petrosus race birds.


Rock Pipit.


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