26th Oct 2015 – Pallas’s Warbler


Pallas’s Warbler at Belle Tout wood today.

I must admit this is the first Pallas’s Warbler I’ve seen for some years, perhaps getting on for 15 years! Upon hearing of it’s discovery, I had no hesitation in skipping lunch for the quick 5min dash to Belle Tout wood. I would name check the finder but no-one on site seemed to know! After a short wait the bird appeared, associating with a small group of birds including c15 Goldcrest, 2 Long tailed Tit (unusual on the headland) and 2 Chiffchaff. It was feeding at eye level, a real treat for a bird that could quite happily disappear into the canopy.


It was also good to reacquaint myself with the call, a bit like that of Yellow browed Warbler put through a “finch” filter. As a friend recently pointed out, not dissimilar to Siskin! Whilst there 2 Merlin also passed over.


A late Wheatear at Shooters Bottom this morning.

Since returning from Scilly I’ve been fraught by bad luck and work commitments. I failed to see the Bluethroat (first Beachy Head record since 1996) present on the 25th, despite searching until after sunset yesterday. A Short eared Owl appeared over head as I conceded defeat. In a similar vein, a brief Yellow browed Warbler didn’t hang around long enough to be seen by me either. I did however catch up with a Great grey Shrike which spent 3 days residing in the area of Shooters Bottom & Hodcomb. Unfortunately it was always distant.


Poor quality shot of last weeks Great grey Shrike.

Numbers of migrants are dwindling but as today shows, still plenty of potential out there!


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