17th Sept 2015 – Siskin

A fine day amidst a week of foul weather! Torrential rain and SW gales have been dominant with only a couple of calmer periods of easterly influenced air flow. Generally the weather has made birding virtual impossible although birds moving overhead were of note. Today, time only allowed a cursory look around Shooters Bottom and Belle Tout late afternoon. Although it was apparent there was considerable overhead movement this morning, obligations kept me from birding first thing. Swallows, Martins & Pipits could be seen heading into the west wind from the house.


Siskin, on the ground for once.

A feature of this autumn has been a continual movement of Siskin over head. Most don’t stop and pass over the site but today there were a number mixed in with flocks of Goldfinch. 2 Wheatear and 6 Yellow Wagtail were at Birling towards dusk noted whilst cycling.

Generally, bar 10+ Whinchat, a Firecrest, good numbers of Blackcap and the Wryneck (still present today) that has taken up temporary residence near Belle Tout wood, there’s not been much else to get excited about this week.

I’m off to Fair Isle for a week tomorrow so will be abandoning Beachy Head for another 7 days.


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