Herring Gull R0DT

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 20.56.34

Another ringing recovery from the North Thames Gull Group, this time Herring Gull RODT at Holywell 24th July. It’s not uncommon to see orange colour ringed Gulls in Sussex, all of these will have been ringed on the landfill tips upon the north shore of the Thames mouth. The wide distribution of gulls seen from this work illustrates how important these human created feeding resources are for gulls. It’s argued the food in refuse tips is a contributing factor to the increase in urban gull numbers. Providing large quantities of food close to cities. In the current climate of “Killer Gull” mania that is sweeping popular media, we should really be looking at the amount of food we throw into our bins and on to our streets before talking of urban gull control measures. This is another wildlife issue that requires balanced, reasoned and informed debate. Something this current government seems incapable of.

This bird, photographed on Holywell Beach, was ringed on the 16th November 2013 at Rainham landfill site by the North Thames Gull Group.



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