2nd August 2015 – Quiet


Reed Warblers in the brambles… it must be autumn.

Quiet for me both Friday (31st) and this morning, where I’ve mainly been concentrating on Shooters Bottom. A handful each of Reed Warbler & Blackcap both mornings. I’ve only seen low numbers of Willow Warbler and still yet to see either a Grasshopper Warbler or Lesser Whitethroat! Still large numbers of breeding Common Whitethroat, including young birds still being fed by adults.There was a decent passage of 100 Sand Martin during my visit on Friday morning, with a large flock gathered on a fence line near the dew ponds that evening. Large numbers of Swift were moving over town late afternoon on the 1st. I suspect the same Nightingales remain in Shooters Bottom, where 1/2 can be heard “croaking” but rarely seen!.

I’m now away until the 11th August.




A worn Chalkhill Blue.


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1 Response to 2nd August 2015 – Quiet

  1. Bruno Rodrigues says:

    Cool shots! Where are you going to?


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