Great black-backed Gull 0NN8

Many thanks to Paul K Veron for providing the report of this birds movements. Here’s a photo of ONN8 being ringed on Guernsey in June 2011!

Yellow 0.NN8 Gr Fauconniere 02 June 2011

Cutie pie, getting his bling put on in 2011.


Handsome devil. Beach life in Sussex July 2015.

Paul mentioned most of his GBBG’s disperse in a westerly direction from Guernsey, towards NW France and Cornwall, so this birds easterly movement is interesting. It has made several visits to Slapton in Devon but most sightings during it’s adolescence were from Guernsey. The location at which it will surely breed itself. Clearly from the ringing date the bird is 4 years old and only just being fully adult in appearance.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.39.57

Sightings since 2011 on various sides of the Channel.


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