15th July 2015 – Another Yellow legged Gull

An evening check of the fresh water run off at Holywell beach produced another juvenile Yellow-legged Gull. A different bird from Monday. This time a larger, heavier set bird, probably making it a male. Not only was it larger but the tertial pattern & greater coverts were slightly different too.


Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull.


This bird only stayed a few minutes before I accidentally flushed the flock… oops.


A nice example of the inflight features of juvenile Yellow legged Gull; striking tail pattern, blackish looking primaries, subtle pale “window” (created by the inner primaries) whitish looking head with eye mask. All these features together create a distinctive, contrasty appearance allowing flying birds to be easily recognised. Shame I didn’t have more time with it. Kris Gillam tipped me off to this spot, great to have it 500m from the door step.

There were about 40 large gulls in the vicinity including a group of 4 juvenile Herring Gulls. A single Sandwich Tern was fishing close in shore. A couple of noisy Peregrines were making a racket on the cliffs above.


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