20th June 2015 – Cuckoos. Heading south already?


Surprised to see 2 Cuckoo in Whitbread Hollow this morning. I say surprised as I’ve seen little to suggest that Cuckoos successfully breed on Beachy Head. I had heard a singing male on a few occasions during the 2nd week of May but no sight or sound since. This morning there were two birds, one of which sang occasionally. Although this seems a very late date for a female to be prospecting potential nests as I thought most Cuckoo lay eggs in late April. My initial thought was these were the first south bound migrants of the year as I’m aware the passage of adult Cuckoos is well under way by July. So it leaves me wondering what was going on.

I’ve since done a little reading on the BTO Cuckoo tracking site and see GPS tagged birds were already in Northern France by the 18th & 19th June. This includes one from the Ashdown Forest, which departed the UK almost at Beachy Head! It’s a fascinating site you can see by clicking here. So It would seem this mornings birds are certainly migrants. Mind boggling to see south bound migrants before the passing of the midsummer solstice!


Meadow Pipit not happy at the Cuckoos presence.


Very little else of note other than usual breeding birds, I can feel the high summer coming on.


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